Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A few handy tools everyone can use, especially those with RA

Over the years, I have been gradually modifying my home and supplies to better accomodate any future issues with RA in my hands and wrists. Those just starting on this long battle with RA need to start making simple changes around the house. All faucets should be the lever kind, rather than the round twisty sort. Much easier to use. Start changing the doorknobs to the lever types as well. It really is not difficult to do, does not require a locksmith, just someone that can operate a screwdriver. And new doorknobs are inexpensive, relatively speaking. If you need a quick fix, there are plastic levers that screw onto your doorknobs as well, though they are not real attractive. For those with extremely limited hand strength, you can add a cloth loop to assist in "turning" the knob.
My very favorite kitchen tool is currently unavailable on Amazon or other sites. I found it made by KitchenAid as well as another brand, but neither is available right now. Keep looking for this, I had purchased a half dozen and gave them as gifts to people with no hand problems, everyone loves them.
It adjusts to fit ANY size lid that needs to be screwed off, from a water bottle top to a mayonnaise jar. Also has a section on the front that goes under and helps lift vacuum sealed lids, and what looks like a bottle opener (tho I have not used that part)
Next is the vacuum -popper. This is awesome! No more trying to wedge a screwdriver or bottle opener up under a lid to break the vacuum seal...this does the job fast, easily, and with no damage to the lid!
I have cats, and they love their canned cat food. Which comes in a can with a ring pull lid. I love soup on a cold winter day, which comes in cans with ring pull lids. Whoever invented those had complete disregard for fingernails, much less those with any sort of hand issues, such as RA. Then I found this. What a wonderful wonderful tool!
And, finally, speaking of those pull ring tabs, we all get frustrated with opening soda cans. So I bought some of these (they come two to a pack). They are helpful.
Look for these on Amazon and in some of the handy catalogs that sell all sorts of stuff to help around the house.
Hope this was helpful!

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