Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Getting back to full remission, slowly

Starting last Thursday evening, May 4, I was on my new BRAND Minocin regular capsules (not the Extended Release stuff). Within two days the difference was noticeable. While the "flares" that I was experiencing with the Minocin MR (extended release) were very slight, and not debilitating, they were definitely noticeable, and frightening, as each day brought a new joint under attack. I feel as this is a war against terrorists. The terrorists were popping up in different locations, launching a few rockets, then running back into hiding. The Minocin MR army was able to keep them at bay, but not knock them back severely enough to stop the machine guns and rocket launches. Then came the regular Minocin. TA DAH!! Take that, you terrorists! Wiping them out, destroying their weapons, leaving them scrambling without any way to attack. They are lurking now, in every joint. But the minute one pokes his head out of a window, the Minocin army rapidly fires their machine guns in his direction. It's a war, it will last forever, as long as I am alive. I know that. At least, for the time being, we are winning.

I have even been able to already reduce the dosage to once a day, and skipped Sunday entirely with no ill effects (was taking 2 doses per day of the MR). In a week or two, will go back to just one on Mon, Wed & Friday. So little antibiotic to do such a wonderful job!

And winning, too, because MY ARMY, the Minocin guys, is very good about not causing a lot of friendly fire. So far, my kidneys, liver, heart, all are in good shape. Blood levels are healthy. No, it is not safe to walk around without my army, but my minocin soldiers are doing a fine job!!

I am one of the luckiest RA patients there is. So many are suffering so badly, not only because of this horrid terrorist disease that lurks within us, but because the "friendly fire" from the treatment they are receiving is causing so much damage that they are losing the war, not from the enemy, but from their own army!

Again, I wish I could win the BIG lottery. I would definitely spend some money trying to make more patients aware of this antibiotic protocol. Maybe it will not work for everyone. I believe that NEW patients would probably be best served by this treatment. Maybe it works for me because of what causes my RA...the leaky gut thing. Maybe if they (the researchers, the doctors) could get a better grip on what else can cause RA, then there would be a better path to treatment. Maybe maybe maybe.

Let there be hope. I wish you all the very best, my heart aches for those of you in pain. I have been there (see earlier postings regarding the problem with generics). I have experienced your pain, and even if it was only for a few months, just that much was enough to send me into a horrid downward spiral, emotionally. Again, I was lucky. I figured out the problem, and my Dr. was willing to just let me keep trying this protocol. Tho he ticks me off because he does not want to try this with any other patients. SHAME!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bumps slowly smoothing out

Ok, another week, definite improvement. Taking the Minocin MR twice a day now, and flares are minimal. Still there, but really SMALL flares, rather than debilitating ones. Waiting for the new order of Minocin brand capsules (not the Modified Release) to come in...probably another two weeks. Meanwhile at least I can pretty much ignore these little flares (last nite the knuckles on my right hand swelled up a bit...again, not enough to cause any complete incapacitation of the hand, just enough to FEEL it, as tho it is a REMINDER that the RA is STILL THERE). Just heard back from someone who switched from Methotrexate (was causing severe liver damage) to minocin (using the Triax brand, covered by insurance, lucky gal!). It has been about 8 months now, and she feels better than she has in years. Is doing gardening (able to use her hands and DIG in the garden). Her Rheumatologist had told her it would not work. She sees him again in a couple of months. I am SO EXCITED that someone else was able to stop taking a toxic drug and start on the antibiotic protocol and GET BETTER!! Wish I had a ton of money...I would run ADS ON TV to promote this treatment!!(Seems the only way to get the word out).  Maybe I will win the lottery, and I would definitely do that!