Monday, June 1, 2015

Just a quick recommendation regarding the high cost of Minocin and Vibramycin

Because the generics (minocycline, doxycycline) may not work, and because of the change in ownership of the brand MINOCIN (now owned by Onset Pharmaceuticals), you may find that a 30 day supply of this drug is quite costly. It is no longer available thru Canadian pharmacies purchasing the product from other countries. In fact, I believe the price for those whose insurance does not cover this medication is right around $500 for 30 - 100mg capsules. I am on Medicare, with a supplement and additional Rx insurance. That insurance company does not cover Minocin as even a Tier 4 drug. However, I did discover that you can petition the insurance company for an exemption to cover your Minocin, if you have tried and failed to respond to the generic brands. My doctor had to send in a letter confirming that we tried the generic brands, and they failed to work, while Minocin (brand ) works. I was able to get at 66% discount on the cost of my medication! (you need to say you are using 1 per day). Since I only use an AVERAGE of 3 per week, (sometimes more, if a flare starts up), that prescription lasts me for two months. So the monthly cost is around $88. Much more manageable. So, if you find that your insurance will not cover this, and are on Medicare plus a Medicare drug prescription policy, see if you can get an exemption. They will send you the instructions.

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