Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Good news, knee issue

I have to say that I have the most fantastic GP doctor ever! He has been my doctor for about 5 years now, and I just adore him! I had called to get an appointment for my vaccinations (flu, pneumonia, etc) and because I had not seen him in over a year, they had me schedule a full physical review with him. Great idea, really. Anyhow, I was concerned about that inflammation (sort of a big cushy soft spot) right below my knees. It sort of started about 4 to 5 months ago, and at the time I thought it was a part of the battle I was having with the RA which had resurfaced after my urologist had prescribed Bactrim (sulfa drugs are not recommended if you have RA...I did not know, he did not know, the drug nearly killed me and my RA flares started up) and then a few weeks later with Potassium Citrate megadoses (that does not play well with tetracycline drugs...so again, two steps forward, three steps back!).  Anyhow, it was a tough time returning to normalcy. At some point during that time I noticed that the area below my knees, especially my right knee, was sorta puffy, swollen, mushy, but not painful like RA. When I saw my Rheumatologist last month I asked him if he thought that was an RA symptom, or maybe Osteoarthritis?  He said he could not tell, but suggested I wait until my next visit in 4 months, and if still problematic, we would do X-rays.  The only time the knees bothered me was at nite, when they burned a bit.  Anyhow, my regular GP poked and prodded and told me that the TENDON that runs down from the kneecap to the bone below had been stretched or damaged, and this swelling was a result. (I asked him because I was planning to join a gym and start working out to try to lose some weight).  He said this was more common in young kids, not someone my age, and the only thing I could do was to NOT exercise (including the weekend 3.5 mile walk that I try to do with friends at least 3 weekends per month) for a month, to let it heal.  After leaving, I remembered that I had tripped and fallen in August, and it was my RIGHT leg that had gone over the edge of the sidewalk and twisted, but I had fallen on my LEFT knee.....but quite likely I twisted my right knee in the event. So that probably is what caused this issue.  Relief that it is not RA. Being OLD means that it takes longer to heal, but at least I know that it WILL heal, eventually. Love my doctor...he is just so good at really diagnosing things. (Wish he had been around when I was battling Giardia. Unfortunately, it was not until I had found out what the issue was that he became my new doctor, when my previous GP decided to focus on surgery).  So, no issues with the knees and RA. Also had him check my ears. Whatever is causing the buzzing/plugged up feeling is down in the tubes. He recommended Mucinex to see if that would dislodge it. The issue is NOT caused by the antibiotics.
I am on the last week of Vibramycin, then will do the Minocin (will start with the Ranbaxy Minocycline and hope that it works) for December. Will let you know the results, as always.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Keep up the positive attitude...that is part of the way to get to remission!

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