Tuesday, November 6, 2012

In remission, knock on wood

The heavy doses of Minocin that I was taking created a slight allergic response (buzzing in the ears) so I switched to VIBRAMYCIN 100 mg capsules in Mid October. Have used those just 100 mg on M W F, and am no longer experiencing buzzing in the ears, and have stayed in remission. All vestiges of the RA flares have disappeared, there are no pains anywhere.  I still have that swelling below my knees, which still occasionally sort of burns a bit, but does not cause the aches normally associated with a flare-up from RA.  Because the Ranbaxy minocycline capsules seemed to work as well as the brand Minocin, I will continue testing those.  I am going to be alternating between Minocin and Vibramycin on a monthly basis as long as I remain in remission. Same dosage for each, 100 mg capsule on M W F.  The Vibramycin has proven to be a good "maintenance" drug. However, in the past I noticed that prolonged (many months) use of Vibramycin sort of caused me to feel depressed and lethargic. Hence, definitely best to alternate the drugs.  Good news seems boring...but I have to tell you, it was a huge relief to finally get back into remission where I felt completely "normal" and pain free, at all times. I am back to eating whatever I want (tho I stay away from Citrus fruit, which seems to rapidly exacerbate flare-ups). Hoping this will continue for many more years. It has now been over six years since I was diagnosed with RA, and I just feel so very fortunate that we have the internet for research, and that SERENDIPITY struck just as I was looking up this horrid disease that had been diagnosed. I wish I knew who those people were whose input on the Yahoo groups for Rheumatoid Arthritis changed my LIFE!!! First, pointing me to The Roadback Foundation website, and Henry Scammel's book (I LOVE THAT MAN!!), then the person who talked about the link between LEAKY GUT syndrome and RA...which was the exact cause of my RA!! His discussions of natural cures for possible gut infestation WORKED and I got rid of the Giardia that had been ravaging my intestines for a full year (and yes, I had seen at least three doctors about it, and had lab tests, all negative, but they never tested for GIARDIA). Anyhow, water under the bridge, permanent intestinal wall damage, (somewhat helped by probiotics, but very badly scarred permanently). So the fight against RA is a lifetime fight for me. I only hope and pray that the damage this disease has done to my INSIDES....heart and lungs, etc. ....is comparable to what it has done to my joints. Slight damage, but stopped by the antibiotic protocol from progressing. No way to know, really. Blood tests all are excellent, but they would not show lesions on the heart or lungs.  For now, I am looking forward to living many more decades and living a full and pain-free life.

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